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Vice-President & Treasurer

Peter A. Jenkins

MAppl Sci PhD Grad Cert Pain


Peter A. Jenkins, MBA, began his exciting and ongoing adventure in the world of laser phototherapy in Australia in 1996. His technical background includes the specification and development of laser phototherapy devices for safety, reliability, affordability and efficacy, and he is driven to create technologies that enable practitioners to optimize their patients’ clinical outcomes. A passionate educator, Peter sees market education as the key to improving standards in the laser phototherapy industry and holding manufacturers and marketers accountable for the claims they make.


  • Master of Business Administration (University of Western Sydney) 1997
  • Avionics Technician (Royal Australian Air Force) 1992
  • Instrument Fitter (Royal Australian Air Force) 1984

Professional Positions

  • SpectraMedics Pty Ltd (Founder, Managing Director)
  • SpectraVET Inc (Founder, Dir. Education & Technology)
  • Immunophotonics Inc (Director, Board Secretary)

Honorary Professional Positions

  • Co-Founder & Council Member, Australian Medical Laser Association Inc
  • Committee Member, Standards Australia HE3-12/003 (Medical Laser Safety)
  • Peer Reviewer, Photomedicine & Laser Surgery
  • Peer Reviewer, Lasers in Surgery & Medicine
  • Peer Reviewer, Photochemistry & Photobiology
  • Past President (1998-9), Hornsby and District Chamber of Commerce & Industry Inc

Dr Ann Liebert

BApplSci, Grad. Dip Manip. Ther., PhD (Syd Uni)
Coordinator of Photomolecular Research, Sydney Adventist Hospital Group, Sydney
Adjunct Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Sydney University

Dr Ann Liebert is a clinician/scientist at the Sydney Adventist Hospital and is Adjunct Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of Medicine, Sydney University. Ann’s current research is focussed on the molecular mechanisms of photobiomodulation and she is also currently implementing a number of clinical trials to assess the effectiveness of photobiomodulation as a preconditioning treatment for patients undergoing cardiac surgery, to treat Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases and to treat chronic headache. Clinical trials for treatment of Parkinson’s disease are currently being carried out in Adelaide and Sydney at the San Hospital (as chief coordinating investigator), funded by Parkinson’s South Australia and private donations. Laboratory investigations include experiments into the mechanisms of photobiomodulation at the cell membrane using erythrocytes and the effect of photobiomodulation on the microbiome humans and in a mouse model. She has spoken at numerous international conferences on the topics of translational research and the proteomics of PBM. She currently is currently vice-president of the Australian Medical Photobiomodulation Association (AMPA), is a member of the Global Research Steering Committee for NAALT, is on the scientific advisory board of the WALT and is a session chair at SPIE Photonics West 2020 (Photobiomodulation Session).